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40 yrs. experience. 0ne time only pricing. esoteric astrologer/psychic. Knowing how vibration works leads to knowing the energy of *people* indepth

I have been given the gift channeling from higher dimensions, along with many other higher mind abilities all you need to do is give me your first name and sometimes birthdate helps, and i will connect with your energy on a much higher level. So please center yourself first and prepare for total and real truth. know I do not enjoy bad news, but life is a journey of learning and only leads you on your path to what you set out for yourself before you were even born and alll things have a GOOD purpose and leads you where you are supposed to be in life (to your soul mate the right job) just know that it is all for a serious and good purpose. I can help you on your journey in knowing where it is leading and helping you thru it. An incredible metaphysical and spiritual resource! When you talk with me you will feel that your life has literally opened up as I so readily connect with “ spirit.” This is something that I have been able to do all of my life, but more so since I was 13 years old. In addition, I have been documented as having the ability to help heal people from long distance. My natural ability to heal combined with my current studies in the art of Reiki enables me to send energy that has been described as an incredible bolt of swirling white light. The connection I have to universal consciousness comes quickly and easily to me, allowing me access to higher knowledge (inaccessible to most people) and giving me the insights you need most and cannot find for yourself. I will give you the direction, knowledge and answers that you need to get you and keep you on your destined path. I often receive messages from loved ones, though not at will, but more so when your loved one feels the strong need to reach you. I have an innate ability to see and sense the problems and solutions in relationships quickly, with the aid of my guides and yours. I will have your answers quickly and directly, pulling no punches, but done with love. After a few minutes of conversing with me, the strength of my energy will be apparent and you will know that my motives are of the highest spiritual intent. If you are in need of direction and emotional healing I can help you. If you need the answers to life’s questions, you cannot go wrong by speaking with me. Think of me as a direct line to universal wisdom and you will never be sorry that you have chosen me to guide you! I offer honest and amazingly accurate readings focused on realistic possibilities and results, not fairy-tale promises. Let me be your catalyst for confidence in making decisions, clarity in situations and successful results by providing reliable, action-oriented solutions you can implement immediately and start living your life dancing on sunshine!

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If you are approaching this on a materialistic level i cannot reach you for reading "YOUR" energy.. open your heart for healing, I highly trained by many well known teachers, having studied since i was very very young, 3rd generation psychic/astrologer and member of Rosicrucians and taken all their courses with certificates, I have helped in the healing field and accessed many dimensions, allowing me to access YOUR energy, if you are allowing me to (your higher mind will protect you) so don't fear. I cannot help if you are not open or on materialistic quest..I have been doing this work (not work it is love) I can help you more than you know. I cannot SEE you but i will feel you and that of who you want to have answers about. We all have different ways of "seeing" I combine astrology aspects and your energy as well as messages from your guides (loved ones passed who can now see and your angel guides who know your soul. You have a purpose and I can help make it clear for you. I have worked with police here in detroit, and helped in many ways in identifying a murder and child molester (not pleasant) Please know that i walk between spiritual dimension and physical plane.. your guides provide information on THIS level..there IS a difference..and if it is for you to know to help you on your spiritual path the information will be there :).. life is for learning, and you do not want answers when it would inhibit your growth.. but we have alot of help.. and I have access to it if we allow it :) love and light!! Anne


a BA in graphic arts. A degree in esoteric Astrology, graduated from with several degrees in Rosicrucian Church of light, metaphysical training, Graduated in basic astrology by Ray Merrimand of Birmingham, MI, and Richard Wolfe of Detroit, many many other lessons from many reputable teachers in Detroit area, including Mr & Mrs Cruze (Henry Fords Astrologers) also raised by psychics and mediums 4th generation of Canada, Influence was always very liberal and open.. taught NeuroLinguistics by JoPeligrini of Royal Oak..also my own pursuit of knowledge from most all of the master minds of our century.. It is my passion to know what life means, and help others.. now I KNOW and fully understand how energy works and have learned REIKI, japenese form of healing.. Remote viewing thru ED DAMES, and know how to read YOUR ENERGY and send it to you.. I can teach you many things as well as read what is your destiny and path in this life and past lives. Please make use of the universal knowledge I have garnered over my many many years here on this earth!!! :) love and light anne

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